KTM to bring new safety tech to range from 2021

KTM to bring new safety tech to range from 2021

With motorcycle manufacturers continuously battling it out to provide the latest rider safety technology, it comes as no surprise that KTM will be introducing Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Blind Spot Detection (BSD) to some of their models from 2021.

In recent years, KTM has dialled in on improving rider safety. The Austrian manufacturer was the first to demonstrate an ‘Adaptive Cruise Control’ and a ‘Blind Spot Detection System’. Both of these features are still in the development stages and function through the use of sensor-based that aid in the detection and prevention of a front or rear collision. At this current time the ACC isn’t being used or designed as an emergency brake, it only works when the motorcycle is in cruise control, and only then at a certain speed. The system has the ability to detect a vehicle in front of it, even one as small as a motorcycle, and then lock onto it and maintaining a distance of two seconds, via an automatic throttle control system. The actual finished products are still in the development stages, and as of yet, there is no customizable distance or speed control that can be set by the rider. This is because the system is expected to be able to respond quicker than any rider in a situation.

BSD gives the rider another set of eyes, especially in certain riding conditions. The BSD uses a short distance radar that alerts you to an undetected rear collision, like lane changes. You are notified on the KTM TFT monitor and the mirrors have integrated super bright LEDs. This is boosted further by an audible signal.

Gerald Matschl, Vice President for KTM Research & Development, said: “As a company, KTM is committed to improving rider safety and also to reduce accidents. We have a lot more development and many thousands of kilometers to test these systems in the real world before we can implement them on series production bikes, but they are coming in the near future and we are sure they will make a difference.”

These new features will be part of some new electronics packages offered on certain KTM models, from 2021. This technology will also create provision for other sensor-based systems further in the future, already in development.

Regardless if it is wanted or not, it seems to be the direction that motorcycle technology is headed. Cars have had this technology for a few years now, and it must have a positive effect on road safety. Although it will only be available on certain models from 2021, the technology will undoubtedly be offered as standard on all motorcycles in the distant future, which surely can’t be a bad thing?


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